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It’s that feeling of despair when your Computer, Tablet or Phone refuses to perform the tasks you ask of it, or you get error messages that you do not understand popping up before your eyes. The reasons that our Gadgets frustrate us are numerous so you need Technical help from our knowledgeable Engineers. We at Outlink pride ourselves on being able to help you and to be honest on the rare occaisions that we can’t.

Below are just some of the ways we can assist you in resolving your fustrations.,


Virus Removal

Your Computer and the Internet can be tricky to protect.

Hardware Upgrade

Nearly all PC’s & Laptops can be upgraded to make them more efficient.

Motherboard Change / Repair

We replace PC or Laptop Motherboards if faulty or if your PC needs an upgrade.

Windows And Software

Modern software issues can be complex to troubleshoot. Time to call the experts

Broadband & Networking

This is our speciality. We have extensive knowledge of Broadband, Broadband Providers and both Wired & Wireless Networks

Computer Repair

Repairs , upgrades or whatever your PC needs to run smoothly, no matter it’s age

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Laptop Repair

Hard Drive, Screen and Hinge repairs. Upgrades to both Hardware and Software.

Phone Repair

Screen, digitiser and socket replacement to most Phones & Tablets.

Windows 10

Whether it’s an upgrade, a clean install, a tweak or it’s just not working ok, we can help you with Windows.

Battery Replacement

Whether it’s your Laptop, Phone or Tablet we can replace a failing Battery with a quality, guaranteed replacement.

Data Recovery

We are able to help in recovering your Data from failed or failing Hard Drives. We have averaged over 90% actual Data Recovery